A La Carte Services

Customized. Flexible. Cost Effective.  

Empower Fitness & Performance offers a unique method of packaging our services in an effort to best meet your needs and goals.  When you work with one of our team members, we will take into account your needs, goals, the results of your evaluation & screenings to come up with the best program options for you to get the results you are looking for.  


Creating a package with our A La Carte format allows you to combine all of our service offerings into one best-fit package to include Targeted Performance Training [TPT] & Targeted Hands-On Sessions [THS] to help you get the results you need in a weekly format that meets your needs and works with your busy schedule.  What we create is a well-rounded, science-based program that maximizes strength, conditioning, flexibility, mobility, recovery, & injury prevention to build a more durable, high-performing athlete!

Targeted Performance Training (TPT)

Targeted - We create individualized, custom programs to meet YOUR SPECIFIC needs and goals.  Age, sport, position, training history, injury history, and assessment results are just a few of the variables we factor in when creating your program.  This isn't a generic, cookie-cutter program.  Every exercise, drill, and progression has a purpose and is focused on addressing your athletic development and individual needs.  

Performance - You don't just train to look good, you train to be able to use your body and express the various athletic attributes necessary to excel in your sport or activity.  Aesthetics are a result of a good program and solid nutrition, but if you don't have the strength, stamina, and durability to produce on the field, odds are you will be looking good sitting the bench. 


Training - Our combined approach of TPT & THS breeds efficency, and gives you the tools to then allow your skills coach to really make you effective in your position!  Training is focused on building those attributes required of an athlete: strength, endurance, power, speed, agility, reaction time, flexibility, and durability.  Your skills coach then work with you to fine-tune and enhance your ability to express those attributes related to your specific sport & position. 

Targeted Hands-On Sessions (THS)

Targeted - Some limitations or restrictions will not be improved through stretching or smashing on a lacrosse ball.  They often require the skills of a licensed practitioner leading to quicker & longer lasting improvement.  Just like the TPT sessions, everything done in our THS has a specified purpose.  We are not looking to randomly throw every intervention at you and hope that something works. Rather, we assess you and determine where to target and which intervention would make the biggest impact to achieve the desired results. Our goal is Efficiency - to be efficient with our selection & application of interventions, to be efficient with time and resources, and to ultimately improve your overall efficiency of movement. 

Hands-On  - Seems fairly obvious, but these sessions are Hands-On, meaning you get to utilize interventions such as soft tissue mobilization, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization/manipulation, dry needling, and cupping.  Our Hands-On interventions allows you to improve mobility, relieve pain or soreness, and aid in recovery after training or competition and get you ready for your next training session or competitive event.


Sessions - THS is performed by our highly skilled licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy.  Sessions are one-on-one for your determined length of time and focused on making change quickly.  These sessions serve as an adjunct to your Targeted Performance Training sessions as they will help to get you moving better, feeling better, and getting the most out of your TPT program. 

"Choose the combination of services that works best for YOU!"

A + B = Your Perfect Package!

How It Works:

Our programs revolve around 2 main pillars:  Targeted Performance Training & Targeted Hands-On Sessions.


When creating your package, you choose one option from Column A: 60-minute TPT, and one option from Column B: either 60-minute, 30-minute, or 15-minute THS.  How many days per week of TPT & THS are totally up to you, and guidance will be provided when we sit down to discuss your goals and review the results of your initial movement & health assessment.  

As an example, clients have configured packages of:

  • 3x/week 60-minute Targeted Performance Training and 1x/week 60-minute Targeted Hands-On Session

  • 3x/week 60-minute Targeted Performance Training & 2x/week 30-minute Targeted Hands-On Sessions

  • 2x/week 60-minute Targeted Performance Training & 2x/week 60-minute Targeted Hands-On Sessions

The combinations are many!    


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I have to choose options from both Column A & B? 
    YES - Our packages are a la carte so that you can choose how many days you train (TPT)and how you choose to utilize the Targeted Hands-On Sessions to optimize your mobility, movement, & recovery.  We have found that combining these two pillars has given our athletes & clients the greatest results, so the two are always included together.


  2. I don't think I need the THS portion, why would I work with a Physical Therapist when I am not in pain? I just want to Train.
    We have evolved into offering this model of services for two reasons:

    • First, it is what many of our clients have asked us for over the years -- a way to utilize the Hands-On skills of our Physical Therapists to address old injuries, aches & pains, and to help make changes that are beyond the scope of a Strength & Conditioning Coach.  It allows them to receive hands-on treatments like manual therapy (soft tissue mobilization, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization & manipulation), dry needling and cupping as an adjunct to their training program to help improve their mobility and aid in recovery.

    • Secondly, our Physical Therapists are Performance Therapists.  They are skilled at maximizing movement and helping you to be able to get your body into the positions required during Targeted Performance Training.  As such, one service compliments & enhances the other.  Many of our athletes use these sessions for routine maintenance, or to address something they may be struggling with during TPT Sessions or in their sport which could respond well to Hands-On interventions from a licensed clinician.

  3. Can I change the configuration of my package if I want to?  
    YES - with some restrictions.  We understand that sports seasons & life circumstances sometimes require a restructuring of the schedule, so we do have guidelines on how clients can adjust their package throughout the year if necessary.  Changes can be made at specific predefined time points, as it would be chaos on our end to have clients constantly changing their packages and payments and we very much appreciate your understanding of this.


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