Increase Your Distance, Swing Speed, and Power!


Empower Fitness & Performance is a state of the art facility designed for every golfer’s physical needs

Golfers have unique physical needs and demands that must be addressed when designing a strength and conditioning program. We believe there is more than one way to swing a golf club, but there is only ONE efficient way to do so. Efficient and powerful swing mechanics are developed through a combination of strength, flexibility, power, balance, and coordination.


TPI Performance Screen

The TPI Golf Physical Performance Screen evaluates your flexibility, strength, balance, and power necessary for the golf swing. This is the same golf fitness screen used with Tour Pros around the world. This assessment helps determine whether inefficiencies or limitations in your golf swing are due to physical limitations.  Find out more at


  • Mobility to allow efficient swing mechanics

  • Stability to stabilize your lower half and core

  • Strength to maximize swing potential

  • Power to develop explosive swing mechanics

  • Endurance to maintain mechanics and performance
    over the course of a round and season

Golf Performance Training

All of our training programs are 100% individualized. Through your golf fitness training, we will address your specific strengths and weaknesses as related to your golf swing, and help you meet your golf goals. Golf Fitness training works on the movements and patterns necessary for the golf swing and is customized based on the results of your physical assessment.


  • Increase your strength, swing speed, and power!

  •  Maximize your flexibility!

  •  Reduce stiffness, aches, and pains!

  •  Improve your posture!

  •  Gain more balance and stability!

Golf Team Training

Do you work with a golf team? Our Titleist Performance Institute Certified Fitness team will evaluate each golfer individually and create custom workouts for each golfer and the entire team. Don't rely on football coaches for your golf conditioning and performance! Train like the PGA/LPGA pros to maximize your game on and off the course!

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