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Empower Fitness & Performance and our amazing team of Therapists and Coaches are qualified and able to work with a wide variety of sports.  We see athletes from all walks of life, in a variety of different sports and athletic activities, and all levels of competition & proficiency from youth & high school, to collegiate, Olympic, and Professionals.  Our Team of Therapists & Coaches work together to provide a comprehensive Human Performance program aimed at tackling strength & conditioning, injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, education on self-care, and optimization of performance across a  career and throughout the athlete's lifespan.

Our Team does have a few Niche Specialties that we wanted you to know about and are a reflection of our Team's dedication to continued education and training, self-development, and athletic participation.  In short, they practice what they preach and live the lifestyle.


If you are an athlete in any of these realms, we'd love to help you!


Golf is a sport that has a unique blend of technique, skill development, and physical development.  This is particularly true at the higher levels, where an individual engages in repeated unidirectional rotational movements that generate a tremendous force which must be both created and controlled by the body.  Our golf fitness programs and golf health sessions start with the athlete undergoing the Titlest Performance Institute Screening with one of our TPI Certified therapists.  From there, we build a program based on your particular needs to address any deficiencies in mobility, strength, or motor control. We utilized multiple training modalities, including video analysis and the SuperSpeed Golf Speed Sticks, to work on the development of clubhead speed and rotational power.


America’s Pastime.  The #1 rule heard growing up playing this game was “always revert back to your Fundamentals.”  Solid advice. Turns out this applies to just about everything, but in the context of baseball it applies to more than just your fielding skills.  Having a proper arm care routine is crucial, and is not only for pitchers.  Having a strength & conditioning program that enhances your speed and power for hitting, running down balls, and stealing bases is important.  Equally important are injury prevention strategies which must be built into the strength & conditioning program to address deficits in mobility, strength, and the ability to generate and transfer force throughout the body. The course of a season takes a toll on the body physically, and many of our Pro players spend their off-season correcting deficits build during the season, restoring balance to their body, and simultaneously working to improve their conditioning and performance for the upcoming season. 


Football is a collision sport that requires the development of multiple attributes - strength, speed, agility, first step quickness, and moderate endurance. Strength & conditioning is a key component of injury prevention as well as performance enhancement.  It is also just as important when the athlete is in-season as it is in the off-season, though the focus and intent will change drastically. Off-season training is where the big gains happen, and the focus is on maximizing the development of the required attributes by position and ensuring that the athlete is ready to start the season.  Our athletes are screened & assessed to identify strengths, weaknesses, and needs based on their goals and position. We then create their program based on this information.  Empower Fitness & Performance also work with our football and collision sports athletes on the rehabilitation side when injuries occur, and our Physical Therapists are integral in the management of athletes who've sustained a concussion.  


Triathletes are high endurance athletes that put a lot of mileage on throughout the course of their training. What we tend to see most often is that these athletes are very good at energy systems development, but generally are lacking in overall strength due to their focus on the endurance side of fitness. Our triathletes go through a screening and assessment to identify strengths & weaknesses, mobility limitations, and presence of imbalances due to repetitive stress. Athletes benefit from a program consisting of strength training, corrective exercise, and recovery methods that augment their triathlon training.  


Combat sport athletes are a unique population, as they require constant technical training and high levels of conditioning.  The fall somewhere in the middle on the Endurance – Power curve and require the development of pretty much all physical domains, particularly in sports like Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing.  The biggest disservice the industry does to these athletes is training them like they are a football player. 

Our Combat Athlete Program starts with our Combat Sports Screening, where we can identify deficiencies in strength, mobility, and endurance.  We then use this information to build a program to meet the athlete’s needs, as well as incorporating recovery and injury prevention strategies to help them maximize their training time both on & off the mat. 


We take great pride in the opportunity to help those who serve and protect us.  Our staff has experience working with LEO/Fire Fighters and our elite military operators.  Whether you are just starting your career and preparing for the academy, boot camp, or Selection for a special assignment, our coaches have the knowledge and experience to set you up for success!  Knowing how to train and prepare for the events you will be evaluated on is crucial, as is getting used to working under load, as many of these professionals have to wear gear that is anywhere from 25 – 100 pounds on top off their body weight. Developing the strength, endurance, and ability to move under this load for prolonged periods of time is just one of the keys to proper preparation.


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