How We Help YOU Achieve Your Athletic Potential...

At Empower Fitness & Performance we offer semi-private sports performance training, 1-on-1 physical therapy, and injury prevention & recovery services all under one roof!  This uniquely positions us to lead the way when it comes to bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance!  Our unique combination of Targeted Performance Training & Targeted Hands-On Training allows our clients and athletes to optimize their health & performance.

The System we use to take our athletes from Day 1 of an injury to full-on performance training & return to play entails the ability to maneuver through the 5 Stages we have identified above:  Assess. Relieve. Restore. Reload. Optimize.

ASSESS - Whether you are coming in for physical therapy or sports performance training, every great outcome starts with a great initial evaluation.  Our therapists & coaches perform an in-depth evaluation of your body and your lifestyle in order to get to know you as both an athlete and a person.  This helps us to identify your individual needs & goals in order to build the most effective plan to achieve them.  This process also helps to ensure that we are addressing actual root causes and not just chasing symptoms which may be a secondary or third order effect of the issue.

RELIEVE Our first priority at the start of any program is to relieve pain and the distress that it often causes. Our goal is to make change - quickly, and provide relief of symptoms that are limiting your movement, souring your mood, and decreasing your overall quality of life. 

RESTORE - This is where we really get things happening!  We've identified the root cause of the issue, we've uncovered deficits that may exist in things like joint mobility, soft tissue mobility, strength, motor control, endurance, etc. and now will work to intervene and restore those physical attributes.  Simultaneously, we will also work to restore your confidence in your body and in your ability to move and function without pain.

RELOAD - Long-term improvements that are maintained & continually optimized are the goal of this stage.  Here we are building upon the attributes that have been Restored, ensuring that they will become ingrained and maintained.  This phase continues indefinitely as the athlete transitions from rehabilitation to performance training and return to play, though there is significant overlap as the transition occurs.  We are not just talking about reloading tissues, as in the initial load-bearing and resistance training that occurs after an ACL reconstruction surgery.  We are also talking about sports performance training to develop strength, speed, power, endurance, agility, and flexibility which starts us into our next phase:

OPTIMIZE - This is a progression of the Reload phase which takes us full-on into the realm of high-performance training.  We are looking to develop the key attributes you need, and to do so in a way that is effective, safe, and functionally applicable to the demands of your sport or activity.  Each athlete's program will be slightly (or dramatically!) different based on the sport, your position, your training age (ie experience with training), injury history, and your individual strengths, deficits, needs, & goals.

What Does It Mean To Bridge The Gap Between
Rehabilitation & Performance?  Is It Really Needed?

"Bridging The Gap Between Rehabilitation & Performance" is referring to the middle ground that exists between the early stages of an injury and the rehabilitation process, and the end stage return to sports performance training and return to sport. Historically, when an injury occurred the athlete would see a physician, physical therapist, or athletic trainer and begin to work through the rehab process.  Once the pain was alleviated, strength & range of motion measures were restored, and the athlete could perform basic daily activities and maybe things like jogging they were discharged from physical therapy and told to go back to training.  Many would return directly to sports participation, only to sustain another injury due to the deficits that were still present and the lack of reconditioning and preparation that should have occurred before being allowed to return to play. 


As discussed above, our system allows us to identify deficits and areas of need early on and provides a continuum for the restoration of basic attributes as well as reconditioning and honing of attributes required for the sport.  Having a multi-dimensional team of professionals in the fields of physical therapy, athletic training, & strength and conditioning allows us to be successful in the implementation and utilization of this model. 

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