"Changing Lives Through Health & Fitness"

Health and Fitness are the key foundation of everything we do at Empower Fitness & Performance.  We are dedicated to empowering our members to achieve their goals through training, education, and community which enables them to make a REAL, LASTING LIFESTYLE CHANGE! 


Too often individuals start exercising a gym or embark on the latest & greatest fad diet only to quit and become further discouraged with themselves and their ability to reach the goals they have set for themselves.  They often say things like:

~  "This is just how my body is going to be/has always been..."  
~  "My metabolism is just slow..."

~  "It's genetic, many of my family members have the same struggles..."

~  " I just don't have the time to workout or prepare healthy food..."

~  "Eating healthy is too expensive and too time-consuming. Or the food is just boring...."
~  "I've had kids, so my body is different now..."


While everyone has some unique qualities, and some situations may very well require a more medical intervention, it is important to recognize that the vast majority of times, these are ALL just EXCUSES.  If you are teachable and willing to put in the work, then we can help get you on course.

This is where our 3-pronged approach comes:  Training.  Education.  Community.


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Barbell with Weights

Empower Fitness & Performance strives to be more than just a gym.  We are more than just a training facility or a physical therapy clinic.  Our desire is to be a community of individuals committed to helping one another achieve success both inside & outside the facility.  This is why you will see families coming in to train together. You will see teammates training together for their sport. You will see co-workers and life-long friends high-fiving each other after putting in a solid effort in the class they just finished.  


We are a Community, and we are not just limited to our four walls. This is part of our Core Values, and is a reflection of what it means to be a "business with purpose" in recognition that we have a role to play in our local community of Henderson, in our state of Nevada, as an entity with these United States of America, and as a member of our global community.  As such, we will be actively participating in events to network and assist other organizations with the intention of helping to uplift and make our community better on each of these.

A cornerstone of any weight loss, performance enhancement, or general wellness program is Exercise.  Our fitness services are based on Semi-Private Training with world-class coaches and science-based programming to ensure that our clients are receiving the best the industry has to offer!  At Empower Fitness & Performance, we have something for everyone!

Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training provides clients with the best of all worlds: 

  • An Individualized fitness program built for and tailored to YOU - the client - based on YOUR specific goals and needs

  • Training in a small group with a ratio of 1 coach to 3-4 clients

Semi-private training is a hybrid between traditional one-on-one training and group fitness.  The idea is simple - provide our clients with the same program they would get in a one-on-one training scenario, but deliver the program in a small group of 3-4 clients where each client has their specific program and the coach can do what they do best - COACH!  

This system is designed to make training affordable for the client, provides a community-based approach to training as the members training in that same hour tend to encourage one another, and it allows the coaches to critique form & technique and ensure that each client is safe and getting the most from their program.  Quite simply - this is why our clients get such great results!

At Empower Fitness & Performance we believe that our job is to help facilitate our clients in leading a healthy lifestyle, as this is the ONLY way to reach your fitness goals and maintain them.  Education is another cornerstone to this process.  Our Coaches and Therapists have the training and experience to design and implement programs that will get the job done, but this is not a passive process - YOU the client must be an active participant and learn how to carry out the necessary day-to-day things that will allow you to meet your goals: training, proper nutrition and eating habits, proper sleep, recovery strategies, etc.  

In addition to what you will learn during your classes or Semi-Private training sessions, we also run FREE monthly workshops for our members and the community at large to help build your knowledge of these topics.  The clients that seem to have the most success are the ones who start to understand the basic principles, and the "why" behind them.


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Henderson, NV 89012


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