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Have back pain? Elbow pain? Knee pain?


It is not normal to have pain during or after your round! Our Titleist Performance Institute certified physical therapists are specialized in rehabbing the injured golfer. Our facility and team are tailored to get you back on the course.


We are the only facility in Las Vegas that has medical staff trained by the Titleist Performance Institute ( at its highest level. Our team has successfully rehabbed golfers of all levels, from the young junior level player to the pros on tour.


The golf swing is a very technical and powerful motion. The KEY is understanding how your body’s limitations can influence YOUR golf swing.  We address your limitations with top of the line medical care and performance training.

Don’t waste your time and money on second rate care. Come and see the best golf medical experts in Southern Nevada.

Golf Performance Therapy

We will perform a full-body movement evaluation and golf swing analysis to determine the source and cause of your pain. Our team of golf performance physical therapists can identify any potential areas of concern or rehabilitate an active injury.  Based on the results of you comprehensive performance therapy evaluation, we will provide an individualized plan of manual therapy, corrective exercises, and comprehensive home exercise program to get you out of pain and back into your life and activities. We work with you to optimize your body and maximize your swing.  We give all of our patients the same treatment as PGA Tour professionals.


  • Restore and maintain golf-specific mobility with manual therapy, soft tissue massage, and flexibility techniques

  • Build a bulletproof back, hips, and arms with specific corrective exercises and dynamic stability drills

  • Reduce pain and return from injury with performance-based physical therapy


How is this different than going to my golf teaching professional?

  • A certified golf medical professional is not a swing coach. At Empower Fitness & Performance, you will be treated by a doctor of physical therapy that specializes in golf movement and performance (TPI Level 3 Golf Medical Professional).

What is done at the first visit?

  • The first visit will include the golf movement screen, a physical therapy evaluation, and a golf swing analysis. We will also instruct you in a home exercise program to start you on your way. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a 5 or 6 iron if possible.

How do I sign up?

  • Click here to have one of our professionals help you get started:  

How many visits will I need?

  • The number of visits and frequency depends on the findings at the first visit, but because of our one-on-one 60-minute sessions, we can help you accomplish your goals quicker than other clinics.


Treatment Options & Packages 

If you are looking to get out of pain, continue golfing without limitations due to an injury, or want to find a solution to a chronic, nagging pain then we have some great options for you!


Having pain during or after you play should not be accepted as being "normal."  It is not something that should be expected or lived with because we get older.  If you are having pain during or after your round of golf then it's time to see one of our Performance-minded Physical Therapists.

Comprehensive Golf Evaluation:

Let's Get To The Source Of The Problem! 

Create Your Ideal Package:

A La Carte Physical Therapy, Performance Training, & Maintenance Services

Concierge Physical Therapy & Training:

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