Comprehensive Golf Screening & Performance Evaluations

Our Titleist Performance Institue (TPI) trained Physical Therapists will help you take your game to the next level!  They are experts at helping you to identify your weak links, improve your mobility, and move more efficiently. 


This process starts with the TPI Golf Physical Performance Screen.  The TPI Golf Physical Performance Screen evaluates your strength, flexibility, balance, power, and coordination necessary for the golf swing. This is the same golf fitness screen used with Tour Pros around the world. This assessment helps determine whether inefficiencies or limitations in your golf swing are due to physical limitations. By understanding how your swing characteristics and physical limitations are related, we can work with you to develop a game improvement plan to finally fix your swing and improve your game.


Our Physical Therapists utilize the TPI Golf Performance Screen along with traditional medical & orthopedic evaluations and 2D video analysis to get to the source of your pain or movement limitations and ensure that you are able to golf pain-free and are set up for long-term success.   


Ultimately, the established plan is very much up to YOU!  We work with you to build a program that meets your specific needs and goals.  When you work with one of our Physical Therapists or Strength Coaches at Empower Fitness & Performance, you are not just getting an evaluation or a program, you are getting a TEAM.  

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