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Our mission is to EMPOWER our clients to successfully ACHIEVE their athletic performance goals. 


We provide a comprehensive approach utilized by the world's greatest athletic & military organizations to address all aspects of an athlete's development:


Our Performance Therapists work to get you out of pain and restore pain-free movement & function.

Pain is a medical problem, NOT a fitness problem.  It limits performance, drives inefficiency through unwanted compensation, and slows progress in strength & conditioning and skills training.  


Achieving your goals requires more than just physical development and preparation. The greatest athletes in the world also train & develop the mental aspects of their game. Resiliency after a loss or injury, management of stressful competitive environment, or simply the discipline to practice & train every day are all components of mental training which will impact performance.  


Our Team is dedicated to helping you achieve peak physical development for your sport. Our individualized program design allows us to build a program specific to your particular needs as well as the requirements of your sport & position. We focus on building all of the key attributes of athletic performance to create an athlete that is durable & prepared.

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"So my story is like so many women who have spent a lifetime going from one diet to another.  Although I have never been seriously overweight I was never satisfied with my weigh either (that is another issue entirely!)  Things changed though for me after menopause - I started a steady creep upwards on the scale and I found it really, really hard to lose. When I was younger I could just expend a little effort and get results quite quickly, but as I have gotten older more effort and fewer results became a very defeating reality. The good thing about getting older though is that while I wasn't happy with the mirror I also realized I'm a perfectly good, competent, and interesting person regardless, BUT I didn't feel like me on the outside.

Training at Empower Fitness & Performance, and participating in the Challenge, helped me with the very long-term lessons of finding balance and making tiny changes over time. I love that Trevor really focused on helping to educate us and met us where we were - wherever that might be. I certainly know that I need to make long-term tweeks like smaller portions and less high calorie/high-fat foods, but I also learned the  90/10 or sometimes 80/20 concept of giving yourself some flexibility which can be the difference between feeling successful and happy or feeling defeated and a failure.  I feel good about my choices most of the time and that a less than wonderful meal choice doesn't mean a bad day/week/month has to follow. It is all just food choices, and I am excited about my long-term fitness goals and the ability to attain them. Overall, I am really glad I did this Challenge and WAY more glad I joined this gym!"  

Want Help To Decide If We Are The Right Fit For You?

We realize some people may be unsure if our facility is right for them. Are you're wondering whether it'll work, whether we can help with your problem, or maybe you've had a bad experience somewhere in the past? If that sounds like you and you'd like to come see for yourself how Empower Fitness & Performance can help you, just fill out the simple form using the button above so we can answer your questions.

*Please Note: there is no treatment given at one of our Strategy Sessions.  It is designed for you to ask us more questions, for you to get to know us and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.  

About Empower Fitness & Performance

Why do our clients choose Empower Fitness & Performance?  With gyms on every corner and a vast number of physical therapy clinics to choose from, this is an important question to ponder.  In our facility, you will see us working with golfers of all ages and abilities.  You'll see high school & collegiate baseball & softball players.  And, of course, you will see us working with your friends, neighbors, and teammates.   Some will be rehabbing an injury, some will be training hard in preparation for an upcoming event or season, and others will be working on improving their movement and ability to utilize their body in their chosen sport or activity.  

All will have one thing in common.  Our clients don't just blindly trust the referral of a friend or family member, and they don't just see one of our ads or watch a video and sign up on the spot.  They do their research, they look into what the available options are, and they weigh those options to see if they line up with their needs and goals.  Ultimately, they all have come to the same conclusion: that we are not the cheapest in town, but we are THE BEST at WHAT we do and HOW we do it!   READ MORE...


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