Our Performance Therapists Are Experts In Optimizing Human Performance!

A Different Rehab Experience

Empower Physical Therapy

Experience The Difference! 

One-on-One care delivered by a licensed

Doctor of Physical Therapy!

Thorough evaluation and individualized treatment planning to meet your needs and get you back to the sport or activities you love! 

Friendly, caring staff and passionate, expert clinicians blending excellence in clinical care with excellence in customer service! 

Utilize a whole-body approach to optimize movement and get to the source of the issue 

Solid reputation for getting results and returning you back to sport or activity quickly

Two decades of experience working with elite athletes and military special operators

Do I Need Physical Therapy?

This is a very common question, and you may be surprised to hear that the answer is most often — YES!

People often equate seeing a physical therapist to having surgery, being in a car accident, or being in pain. While these are all common things we see in the clinic, the reality is this:

There is SO MUCH MORE that a Physical Therapist can do to help improve your movement, quality of life, and overall health & wellness. You DO NOT need to be in pain to work with a physical therapist.

Why work with a Physical Therapist?  How about:

  • to evaluate a nagging injury or pain

  • to have your movement screened to identify limitations or weakness which will help improve your movement and performance

  • to initiate a fitness program, especially after an injury

  • to maximize your recovery and safely return to sport after concussion

  • to improve your performance in a sport or activity

  • to fill gaps that exist in your current training program, such as injury prevention

  • to utilize modalities that aid in pain relief and facilitate recovery (dry needling, blood flow restriction training, Normatec, etc.)

  • for maintenance sessions to keep you moving well, feeling well, and performing at your best!


Dry Needling

Manual Therapy

Performance Taping

ACL Rehab & Injury Prevention

Physical Therapy for Athletes

If you are an athlete in Henderson or Las Vegas that has sustained an injury, concussion, or has had surgery and is looking to return to your sport, then Empower Fitness & Performance is the place for you!  

Our physical therapists specialize in working with athletes.  They have the training, skills, and experience necessary to help you get out of pain and back to performing at your best. The goal is always to help you progress quickly, safely, and to be better than you were when you got injured - so we avoid re-injury!  Our physical therapists specialize in working with golf, baseball, & softball athletes, and have advanced training through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and Onbase University.  


And we’re not just talking about red Thera-Bands and 2-pound dumbbells!  Our physical therapists also have extensive backgrounds in the disciplines of Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, and Strength & Conditioning, which makes us uniquely poised to guide you through rehabilitation and back into performance training, eliminating the gap that often exists between Rehab and Performance.  It is this background and experience level that has attracted a variety of athletes from sports like baseball, golf, triathlon, hockey, soccer, and combat sports like Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, wrestling, boxing, and fencing.

Physical Therapy for the Active Lifestyle

Perhaps you don’t consider yourself an athlete.  That’s okay because we still do!

You may not be training for a marathon or your next jiujitsu tournament, but you should be training for Life.  Having the ability to move well and without pain is a huge quality of life factor.  It allows us to play with our children or grandchildren, coach our kids’ sports teams, and it may help you to perform your job and be safer & more efficient in doing so.

Many of our clients come to us because they are looking to stay active, and feel they do not have time to be in pain or injured. They are looking to avoid surgery, injections, and medications.  They come to us because they want RESULTS! 

They value their time, and they are willing to invest in their health for the long run.

Virtual Physical Therapy

Did you know Empower Fitness & Performance offers a Virtual Physical Therapy Clinic?  


You now have the option to receive the services you want in the comfort of your own home via our Virtual Physical Therapy Clinic!  Perfect for when you are traveling or unable to get to the clinic due to work or hectic life schedules!  You get the same individualized, one-on-one physical therapy evaluation and treatment sessions and work with your Doctor of  Physical Therapy to create goals and establish a plan that gets results.


Convenient. Private. Professional. Efficient. EFFECTIVE!  


1483 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway
Suite  #170
Henderson, NV 89012


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