From Coach to Client: The Empower Running Program, part 1

For this series we decided to have Coach Mickey share her experiences as she embarks on training for the Hoover Dam Half-Marathon in December 2019. It is always an interesting experience to go from Coach to Competitor, and to experience what our clients experience as they look to us for help and encouragement. Be sure to check back often and catch the latest updates as her training progresses!

Part 1:

I’m the type of person that likes to train with a purpose. After taking it easy since August of 2018, and having to rehabilitate my knee and back, I’m feeling restless. I need a new challenge. It needs to be something I’ve never done before. Some things I have never participated in would be an obstacle race, a sprint triathlon, a cycling race, a full marathon, and half marathon. Trevor, the head Trainer at Empower Fitness Performance gave me the idea to put the choices in a hat and select one without looking. I drew, “½ marathon”.

I’m nervous because this is new to me in many ways. Sure, I’m an athlete. I am not and have never been an endurance athlete. This is not a team sport. This is not a sprint and there is no opponent in front of me. Running is not multi-planar and appears to be one dimensional. I’m afraid I’ll get bored with the training. I’m also nervous because it is assumed by some that this is easy for me accomplish because of my past athletic and personal training experience. As a trainer at Empower Fitness Performance, I look forward to learning about the training process of an endurance athlete. I’m exciting about the new things I will learn and feel as I transition to not only an endurance athlete, but as trainer of endurance athletes as well.

Over the next 7 months I want to learn as much as possible. It will be interesting how I handle conflict within my training schedule. It’s going to be very important that my training comes first. Along with that, learning how to balance my social, family, education, and job will also be a challenge. As I am a beginner, learning these things will take some trial and error. I wonder what a good marathon time is. Coming in first isn’t a priority at this point. However, I will not be last.

If you have been on the fence, and not sure about how to get started with running your first half- or full marathon, get in touch with us and join Team Empower! There's still plenty of time, we'll close registration for this current training period on July 1st, so as to give everyone the proper time to train and build up to Decembers race! For more information, check out the Empower Running Program and let us know you're interested!

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